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Award-winning Voiceover Actor

Welcome, and relax, knowing you've found the best voice for your VO or audiobook project!  Whatever your concept, Damon is ready to work with you to deliver TOP NOTCH voiceover results!


about damon

Based in Central California, Damon is making a splash in the voiceover world. Blessed with a performer's desire to see and be seen, he started off reading the morning announcements in high school, and branched out into drama and musical theater. He continued in civic theater while attending college and starting a family. Looking for ways to perform and express creatively, Damon discovered the myriad outlets of expression offered by the world of voiceover, and HASN'T LOOKED BACK.

Damon continuously works at his own professional home studio, voicing scripts for T.V., radio, online, audiobooks, and other media. Contact him today at (209) 565-1672 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss bringing your project to life!



It's every voice actor's calling card.  Damon is ready, willing, and able to add gravitas, sincerity, or basso profundo to your project or concept. Here’s a small sampling of his diverse, award-winning work for your listening pleasure.

Can Damon help you maximize the success of your project? ABSOLUTELY. E-mail or call directly for a free, no-risk consultation TODAY.

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awards and clients

Galen Wolf The Bard.jpg

Galen Wolf, Author

"I auditioned a whole bunch of people before I heard Damon’s work. Some of them were good and I really considered them, but when I heard Damon’s working of the character’s everything stopped. I KNEW he was the voice I needed. His voice styles, the way he managed to bring all the voices alive and yet completely different, really top quality. His work is compelling. He made me laugh out loud at my own work; words I’d read a hundred times, he made fresh again. I wholly and completely recommend this talented voice actor."



Damon was awarded the 2018 Carol Joy (Contitnental US) award by the VOpeeps selection committee on November 16, 2017.  With a earnest essay and a solid audition bio, Damon was selected out of contestants nationwide as the candidate most reflective of the skill, talent, respect for the industry, and drive to succeed for success in the world of Voiceover!  Damon will be a guest of the committee attending the seminars and making connections over the weekend get-together in March 2018


Damon has used his award-winning talents in commercials for commercials for major Fortune 500 companies, narrated audiobooks on the largest platforms in the industry, voiced multiple characters in well-known independent videogame franchises, and done intros for some of the most talented voices in radio.

Now he’s ready to become YOUR voice for any and all of the following:

  • Corporate & business narration

  • Audiobooks & e-learning

  • Commercials

  • Documentaries

  • Radio & podcast intros

  • Telephony

  • Animation and videogames

  • Radio imaging

  • Television

Damon has signed on to the upcoming videogame, “Rebel Outlaw Galaxy”, from DOUBLE DAMAGE games. This was the trailer that wowed the crowd when it was revealed to the public. Release date: SOON!

street lethal steven barnes.jpg

STREET LETHAL: Book one of the AUBRY KNIGHT series

Damon has linked up with steven barnes, one of the top names in science fiction! Recently republished on Kindle, the audiobook will be available in mid-January!



Let’s make it easy to work together! Call or e-mail Damon now for a free, no-risk consultation to discuss making your project a success.

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E-MAIL: damonalumsvo@gmail.com